About me

I grew up on the family farm in South Leicestershire surrounded by eccentric and interesting people who nurtured my keen interest in history and art. Having spent most of my childhood working on various art projects, I studied Fine Art at Sixth Form before heading up North to complete an undergraduate and Masters in History at Leeds. From my studies in history, the distant and recent past became a fascination of mine which, along with architecture and mythology, stands as the biggest source of inspiration for my printmaking work. My interest in Printmaking was found in mid-20th century advertising posters and wartime print-matter, and after finding there was a print workshop in my local city of Leicester, I decided to take a printmaking course in January 2017. I have been printing ever since and have taken expert trainman in both screen and relief printing with tutors at Leicester Print Workshop, where I have held full membership for the last three years.

It was when working in education that my interest in children’s book illustration was sparked — I loved to see stories come alive for children through the illustrations in the books, and often used illustrations on the whiteboard to guide my lessons. In the summer of 2020, I took a children’s book illustration course which was led by art director Zoë Tucker and art agent Lilla Rogers. This brings us to the present, where I am now working as a freelance illustrator and printmaker.

The best place to see my current works in progress is Instagram, using the handle @will.illustrates — on there you’ll see my past, and most recent commissioned work, including an illustrated map of Leeds which has been published by They Draw and Travel, and another illustrated map for Leicester City Council.

If you’d like to work with me or discuss commissioned work, please get in touch using the details provided on my contact page.

Imagination is the beginning of creation

George Bernard Shaw