Will Sanders:

This piece was a commission which I was asked to do by two grandparents for their grandson’s 18th birthday. With Dutch descent, the family name translated directly into “otter catcher”, so the central focus of this piece was always to include (wait for it…) an otter!

My clients were eager to include their grandson’s initials of L and O in the design in some way, and if possible to have the otter swimming in amongst the letters. After providing several options, some with traditional alphabet-style lettering, and others with slightly more abstract lettering, it was decided upon that the use of rope would add fluidity to the piece, and give a subtle and tasteful nod to the family name.

In order to lend texture and movement, I was keen from the outset to have multiple colours included in the piece, one of which being copper, which I felt would lift the image from the page and bring it to life as it caught the light. The print comprises of four colour layers in total, which were hand mixed using the highest quality oil-based inks. With only very subtle markings made on each layer, it’s primarily the otter’s fur which makes the most of the colour layers, lending subtle, yet effective texture to the overall print.


If you have a commission in mind for a special occasion or person, or even an idea for a piece for your own home, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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