This piece was a commission which I was asked to do by two grandparents for their grandson’s 18th birthday. With Dutch descent, the family name translated directly into “otter catcher”, so the central focus of this piece was always to include (wait for it…) an otter! My clients were eager to include their grandson’s initials […]

Custom Stamp for Silver Halos

I love working in partnership with other small businesses, and this project gave me another opportunity to do that. Hayley, the owner of Silver Halos, and the crafter of beautiful year-round door wreaths contacted me with a new project of her own in mind. Branching out into handmade cards and wedding stationary, Hayley asked me to […]


Created through the process of linocut reduction, this two layer relief print was commissioned to be a house-warming present for a couple’s first home together. “Contemporary, yet classic” was the guiding principle behind the design of this print; with a simple, and subtle colour palette of copper and black, this two-layer reduction print can be […]

Custom Stamp for Grazers of Ashby Parva

For this project, I was commissioned by Grazers of Ashby Parva, a small business specialising in selling 100% grass-fed, sustainably and ethically produced meats. Run from their small family farm, Grazers contacted me and asked me to design them a stamp which would personalise the brown paper bags and cardboard hampers which they package their high quality […]

Logo Design

CLASSIC & INDIVIDUAL   Lily contacted me near the end of 2020 and asked me to redesign the logo for her small floristry business. After making her own logo using a free app, Lily decided that she wanted something which was more individual and professional looking which would help her business stand out from other […]

‘The Beginning’

Based on an original photograph from the 1950s, this five layer reduction print titled ‘The Beginning’ was a print I was commissioned to make in November 2020. Using a combination of four key ink colours (black, white, raw sienna and ochre), I mixed up each individual colour layer to emulate sepia tones commonly seen in […]

Leeds Illustrated Map

The brief for this project was to illustrate a map of a special place which would be published alongside 99 other maps of special places created by artists from across the world. With over 400 entries, my map of Leeds was chosen to be one of 100 illustrated maps within the publication. Illustrated with archival […]

‘Land Girl’

Created as part of a series for the month-long art challenge Inktober, this print was cut from linoleum, which allowed for the production of crisp lines and solid Blick of colour which were desired for the stencilled, silhouette style of this piece. With history being a constant source of inspiration, I wanted to illustrate the […]

Leicester Illustrated Map

As part of Leicester City Council’s Townscape Heritage Initiative, I was commissioned to illustrate a map of the Greyfriars Conservation Area which brought to life the area’s historical past as the legal district of the city. Students from the University of Leicester collected historical sources relating to the buildings and people who make up the Greyfriars […]

Logo Design

Distinct | Original | Classic Christian got in touch late 2020 and commissioned me to design a logo to launch his new business in 2021. With a simple brief to create an original illustration which would represent his new practice, Christian was happy for me to have free rein on a lot of the design […]

Logo Design

As well as printmaking and illustration, I love working with other small businesses to develop their brand identity. At the front of every great business is an instantly recognisable logo, something which represents you and your entire business identity. Perhaps one of the most rewarding parts of taking that leap into the unknown and setting […]